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23 Aug

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  1. a gr8 blog. i have bad acne breakouts every month my doctor says is hormones but i know i need to look after these other things as well so i will try your products

  2. As an aesthetic medicine practitioner I have many clients coming to me for help with acne. I usually start by recommending a good skincare routine. This helps to avoid unnecessary use of strong medications with unwanted side-effects. OptoDerm’s Micellar Cleanser for sensitive and acne-prone skin and Balance Day/Night Cream have provided great results. Even for myself, I no longer have to deal with embarrassing breakouts, and get complimented on my complection daily. My husband used to suffer from dry flaky skin during winter, but with this combination his skin is clear and well-hydrated. I highly recommend OptoDerm for their well-priced quality products.

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