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13 Sep

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  1. Hello

    This is Maryanne from Austin, Texas. I cannot find Optoderm here but I use The Ordinary range. They seem to use the same form of vitamin A as you but they say theirs is 5% where yours is 1%. Am I missing something?


    1. Hi Maryanne

      This is an excellent question. The Ordinary use Granactive Retinoid which is 1% hydroxypinacolone retinoate and 9% Dimethyl Isosorbide. So, their 5% retinol product is actually only 0.5% retinoid, where ours is 1%. We have a local competitor doing the same thing – claiming 3% retinol where it is actually 3% Granactive Retinoid ie 0.3% retinoid. Deliberately misleading consumers. We prefer to state this level correctly and honestly.

      BTW…the same local competitor also misleads consumers on the peptides they add. They will claim 10% peptides, which is impossible. Peptides are supplied mixed into excipients (usually water and glycerin) which account for >99% (usually) of the mix, meaning that the actually peptide concentration is way less than 1%, probably less than 0.1%. One peptide they use is Argireline which contains acetyl hexapeptide-8. The manufacturer of Argireline (Lipotec) states that the actual peptide (acetyl hexapeptide-8) is 0.045 – 0.055% of the mix they sell you – the rest is caprylyl glycol (0.45 – 0.55%) and water (>95%). So, when they claim 10% peptide added, it is actually 10% of the total mix they buy, NOT 10% of the actual peptide component, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8! In this case they should correctly state that the peptide they add is approximately 0.05% and not the 10% they claim. Big difference! It truly makes one question their ability and/or integrity.


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