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Energize Microcurrent Device

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Energize dual-mode microcurrent device

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Energize is a USB-C rechargeable, dual mode microcurrent and EMS facial device, capable of delivering active ingredients deeper into the skin via the g...

Energize is a USB-C rechargeable, dual mode microcurrent and EMS facial device, capable of delivering active ingredients deeper into the skin via the galvanic processes of iontophoresis, electroosmosis & electrorepulsion, as well as a stronger faradic mode to stimulate and exercise facial muscles via EMS.


Dual Mode

    • Both modes feature adjustable levels. In direct pulsing, galvanic mode (mode 1), four levels are selectable, corresponding to 75uA, 100uA, 200uA and 400uA at a frequency of 9.6Hz.
    • In direct pulsing, faradic mode (mode 2), four levels are selectable, corresponding to 100uA, 200uA, 400uA and 600uA at a frequency of 4.5Hz.
    • Low voltage microcurrent, on it’s own, boosts the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the skin. ATP is the energy currency of all cells, affecting their ability to function optimally. The main cells in your skin are keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Together, these cells are responsible for the production of all the key elements of a healthy, younger looking skin viz collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin etc. Optimizing their ATP levels keeps them producing these key anti-aging molecules.


Summary of Mode 1 benefits

    • Stimulates the production of ATP, thereby helping your skins cells produce the essential molecules required to reduce signs of visible aging
    • Enhances the delivery of actives into the skin via iontophoresis and electro-osmosis. The careful selection of actives in the Energize products increase the production of the aforementioned molecules even further
    • Enhances overall skin circulation, thereby ensuring optimal skin respiration
    • Assists with lymphatic drainage, thereby helping to remove toxins and waste product accumulation in the skin
    • Visibly tightens and firms the skin


Summary of Mode 2 benefits

    • Pulsating EMS current for spot treatment and toning of facial muscles
    • Enhances the overall contour of the face as facial muscles regain their function
    • Reduces atrophy in facial muscles
    • Helps with lymphatic drainage


When used together with OptoDerm’s Energize products, you get the following added benefits:

    • A conductive gel to enhance the flow of microcurrent
    • Powerful actives to further enhance the benefits of the device’s iontophoretic capability to push molecules deeper into the skin
    • OptoDerm’s unique PenetrX technology helps to boost the penetration of these actives more efficiently.


Energize’s lithium-ion batteries are safely fast-chargeable via USB-C. Recharge takes less than one minute after normal use.


Conditional 12 month warranty on defective parts.



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1 x Energize Microcurrent Device
1 x USB Charger
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