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06 Sep

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  1. Thank you for this blog. I am a great fan of you optoderm collastin and I also use the HA serum and balance cream + the micellar blue. It has radically changed my skin. What do you think is the ideal routine for me?

    I got a sample of the cbd cream and love it!

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Annelize

    Thank you for using our products and the compliment! Without knowing your details ie age, skin condition and indications etc it is difficult to recommend a customised routine for you. Since you have a CBD sample I’m guessing you are seeing one of our aesthetic professionals and they have recommended the combination you are using and how to use it.

    However, Collastin provides many of the collagen and elastin building blocks that your fibroblasts need to assemble these structural skin elements – collagen amino acids, hydroxyproline (essential backbone of collagen), alpha-ketoglutarate, copper, zinc, magnesium etc. So, it is providing ‘fuel’. Balance and the blue micellar, are also providing the energy sources and anti-oxidants you need on a daily basis eg niacinamide, NAG, ribose, inositol, caffeine, urea etc. I wouldn’t expect a habituation effects from this combination. But, you may want to use something like blue micellar and Bio-Enzyme Gel on their own, twice a week to give your skin a rest. Our other micellars are also loaded with anti-oxidants and moisturising factors, so if you have a normal or combination skin, you shouldn’t need additional moisturisers. This will also exfoliate and clear your skin nicely. We are launching a new gel product in the next two weeks, that is designed solely for cellular recharge and this is something you would apply on a Friday night and use through to Sunday, combined with one of our micellar cleansers.

    Also remember that serums are best applied at night when your skin is in repair mode and there is no sunlight to degrade the actives.

    Hope this help? Appreciate your comment

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